Who Me?

Snow falling from the air, without a care
Piling high to my knees
Falling, falling, light and free. Oh, woe is me
Can this be… a city frozen to a halt
Skiers in the streets; snowball fights
Without a care, but I am here
Does anyone know I have no home?
Shoes with holes, battered clothes, hair that hasn’t seen a comb
Teeth so gritty, they are brown
What to do, where to go, before the snow stands two feet off the ground
In the cold and white spheres of the snowflakes so near
There is an air of cleanliness and purity
The beauty of the sight of covered roads and street posts gleaming white
Offers hope and meaning; I have not been forgotten
The sight before me is so beautiful, man could not have had a hand in it
It comes from above for us to love, even though the cold can be so harsh
Walking down a side street, I see a light from a church
The door is unlocked, oh good I will stay here for a time
Warmth is entering my bones, and the chill is subsiding
I look around to see where I am
In front of me is a red glass candle burning
Beside a gold, angel adorned box with a dove coming down from above
Without a doubt I know, for my memory serves me right
That inside is Him who loves me with all his might
My first thought is that I have not prayed in a long time
So many emotions came rushing to my mind
Where has He been when I needed Him most?
Why have you been so distant from me?
Why have you not carried me as the poem said you would?
Why have you not cared? A swelling of tears comes to my eyes
I cry from deep inside, without shame
Falling to me knees as I beg Him, please to help me
I pour out my soul to Jesus, and I feel relieved
I look at this box and wonder to myself, is He really there?
Does He hear me, does He care, can this feeling in my heart be from Him?
A warmth of love, hope and faith stirs my soul from a depth that I didn’t even know was there
Looking around I make sure I am alone
On my knees, I start to groan and pray; and it feels okay
Hold me Lord, and never let me go for I cannot do this on my own.
I never thought I would say this, but I need you.
I have nowhere to go, I am homeless and alone, I have no job, no money, no one to turn to. Please guide me.
Now that I have prayed, I feel refreshed, relieved; I feel better than I have in years
I am comfortable praying here before you, knowing you are near, knowing you will guide me this day
From somewhere inside me I feel God’s voice, as tender tones stir my
soul, He said; “It is I who need you to help me with others that have strayed”
What? Did I hear Him right? Who me?
What can I do, with holes in my shoes, without a comb to even brush my hair? …. Do I dare?
Then I sat and thought for a long while and began to smile as I recalled who I was in the past
He is here, …at last I found…He does care, He is around. He did answer my plea
His ways ARE perfect, how did he know?
I guess, I am a little slow, because He was here all along
Yes, I can help others like me, with You to direct and guide me
Thank you Lord for bringing me here, for allowing me to heed your call
To understand what I needed to become, so that you could work in me
This gift no one else could see
It will be through love, that others will see your caring touch from above.
I am your instrument Lord, the one you love, the one you touched this day.
O’ Lord, help me to gather them in, those whose hope has dimmed. Your sheep that have gone astray.
A shepherd you are, like the shining star that led the wise men one day
O’ Lord be my light, my surety, my sight to give hope to others, I pray.

February 11, 2010
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes