To Walk with Blind Faith

Walking with blind faith means trusting in God’s plan with all your heart, mind and soul; to walk with blind faith can be scary at times, yet takes great courage, because you are trusting in God blindly, for his mercy, his compassion and his leadership even when you do not see him acting in your life.  God calls us to be obedient to Him by doing what is right, and by being loving and compassionate as taught is in the Gospels and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church; this is also known as doing God’s will.  He will guide you through all your tribulations and celebrations but we must trust in His wisdom even though we may not understand the purpose.

Sometimes God will reveal the purpose after we have completed the task.  For him to reveal the purpose we must walk as he wants us to; to be Christ-like.  It can be difficult and a struggle against your will.  Maybe you lost your job and you cannot see God’s hand in this….yet.  Maybe he has other plans for you that he has not revealed to you yet.   It is then that you will see that by being obedient to God’s will you have completed His purpose, whether it is to show compassion on another, by turning the other cheek or understanding their frailty and humanity, or by speaking a word of faith to someone else, or it could be to learn a personal lesson that God is trying to teach you, if you let Him.  It could be that you are rebellious to not only trusting God but also by not being able to accept others for whom they are….different than you.   To love another unconditionally even if you don’t receive love in return is being Christ-like.

Are you always trying to change someone else?  Look and change yourself first to be more Christ-like.  And if you don’t know how to be Christ-like, read the bible.  Don’t pick up someone else’s book go to the main source and read it and re-read it until you know it deep in your heart; the Old and New Testament.  I started to truly know God only after I started reading the bible.  This is His love letter to all people that he will guide us through our lives.  We are His children and do not always realize the danger in some of our choices.  But like all good parents, we are given the opportunity to make our own decisions.  Being human, we make mistakes.  However, God our Father is always there to guide us regardless.    He shows us this love most vividly in the bible through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ.  I pray you pick up your bible or get one if you don’t have one and read it and learn God’s ways for your salvation.

When doing God’s will and seeking and knowing His will for us, be prepared, it may take years before we see fruits and to see God’s promise fulfilled.  But don’t give up.  Abraham waited 15+ years before God acted on His promise.  Why does God take so long?  Maybe He wants to see our faith and trust in Him first.  Even so, God was blessing Abraham along the way, giving him little consolations and confirmations that he was on the right road and that he was loved by God immensely.  Trusting in God doesn’t mean you will not encounter difficult times in your life or make mistakes.  You will.  I see them like a time of pruning and refining.  Like gold tested in fire.  God prunes the dead branches off ourselves and sometimes it hurts, but we can get over the hurt and see the lesson learned, or the victory after being Christ-like, that we made it through as a better person.

Let me make this clear, we are not to just sit and wait.  Let me say this again, do not just take the easy road and say, “I give up, I will not move” and think that God will do everything because it is taking too long.  That is the wrong attitude.  We are to make the best of every situation.  We are to look for the best intentions in every situation not at the worst intentions.  We are to look for God acting in every situation as we move, walk and respond Christ-like to every situation.

Don’t give up.  Keep searching for that new job, or new opportunity or right road, but open your scope if the perfect one is not in sight.  Maybe God is changing your course, like Abraham or Joseph from the Old Testament.  Be open to change.  We are learning a new way of dealing with life with new eyes, with Christ’s eyes, to be holy.

July 11, 2014
Feast of St. Benedict of Nursia