Uncharted Ground

Like an expedition traveling to uncharted land being bold
Fighting the unseen and unknown is like the days of old
When new territories were being found
With limited technologies in uncharted ground

Who can one turn to when things go awry
When others just want to hear you say, “good-bye”
Who in their right mind would ever believe
The things I have been through — no one can conceive

The courage it takes to just put my feet on the floor
Every day is an adventure, every day a new door
The will power it takes to control feelings and desires
Is stronger than could be imagined, but I have the saints to admire

I know everyone has their own path to walk in this life
No one can walk in my shoes without knowing how to fight
In Jesus’ name I do battle with the enemy unseen
And wouldn’t you know it, they can be very mean

I know there is someone who does understand
All I have been through in this uncharted land
With God as my Captain charting the course
Who else could be better than Him as my main source

September 22, 2011