Trustful Surrender

Trustful surrender
into the arms of Christ
takes a leap of faith

I don’t always see
what God’s plans are for me
so in surrendering I am saying
God is enough

Because God’s plans
are better and I am sure
the love in my heart
for Him will grow stronger

Because God’ plans are
bigger than I can imagine
His merciful hand
will not leave me barren

Chosen to love
by the Holy Spirit, the Dove
who captured my heart
in my youth to look up above

I can only be obedient
to God’s will
trusting all will turn out right
because I am precious in His sight

I know trusting can be scary
because I see only what’s immediately ahead
but if I look farther out
I can see the promised land instead

Sometimes I want to shout
and say enough is enough
or to just do what I want to do
but I don’t because I love God too much

I pray for Mary’s powerful intercession
for her trustful surrender to fall on me
that I may have a double portion
of the love she shares with Thee

Who would have thought
God works today
as of yesterdays,
still in our midst

So awesome is God
His splendor untold
For He is Almighty and Righteous
Powerful, and Bold

Merciful, Glorious and Loving
He is my hiding place, my fortress, my shelter, my shield
To His Holy Spirit only
will I yield

My cup overflows with His love in my heart
at the thoughts I have of love
Lord, continue to use me for Your glory
Your honor and Your joy, those things from above

Allow me to be a witness to your
faithfulness, compassion and truth
Your fidelity, your love
and the promise made in my youth

Lord, let me walk in Your ways
all the days of my life
So that one day I can look back and see
the beauty that was my life.

May 13, 2011
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima