Mary and Joseph what internal trials you must have had
to believe all that was told to you in your hearts
who would have guessed how much courage both of you had
If you hadn’t, then eternal salvation would never had start

Mary, you were only sixteen, yet believed so trustingly
that God’s promise would be fulfilled in you
What a miracle — your gift of faith to believe
What holy Gabriel said to you

Joseph answered God’s call after his dream
Who did you consult Joseph and Mary when the Angels did appear
Was it scripture, the word of God
That you held in your hearts so dear?

I pray for the strength of faith to see beyond my understanding
For God’s ways are not my ways, yet his plans are divine
With God’s wisdom and gift of knowledge to guide me
I pray for Your will to be done, not mine

Breathe in me Lord the breath that breathed life into Adam and Eve
Like Mary the breath that breathed when she believed
Holy Angels come adore Him who saved us for eternal life
Help us who call on you; help us during strife

To know peace in my heart with the knowledge that God is true
He works miracles every day for me and you
In all my ways because I care let me never let God go
Savior come to my aid and let me know
Your will for me for if it is meant to be, it will be.

In Jesus’ name I pray to you Father
For the gifts you hold for me
The ones that were ransomed
By Jesus, the one who hung on the tree.

May 8, 2011