To Live or Die

What it was like years ago . . . fighting the unseen.


To do battle with the enemy
unseen but true
the unspeakable truth
O’ boy if you only knew

The horror and perverse
dreams that I had
so bizarre and demonic
they made me mad

Why are they here
they won’t go away
I cannot sleep
are they here to stay?

These are just some of the thoughts
that I had
when I was attacked by demons
it was so, so bad

How do you fight
something unseen
that fights you
when you dream?

I learned through prayer
I learn as I go
with no one to turn to
who would believe this was no show

The enemy so fierce
there was no rest of course
because to do battle
you have to find the source

The source of entry
of original sin
when I unexpectedly
let them in

There were so many times
that I wanted to end
the pain of the voices
but I could not bend

To die an unending death
was for me much, much worse
than to fight tooth and nail
and be released from this curse

How can I do this
when there was no help in sight
but believe that God could
… I had to with all my might

To cling blindly to the belief
that by God’s almighty hand
I could fight in Jesus’ name
until “they” were gone from the land

Good-bye, fini, away with you
I command you in Jesus’ name
But please don’t do as I do
because this is not a game

I saw Mary one day at the Chapel at the Mall
and into my head came how I fell — the call
she told me what I said….I remember it well
she told me what brought me into this hell

I had made a pact with the devil
little innocent me
and offended God
and the one on the tree

So offensive was this sin
that if I had died
I would have gone straight to hell
this is no lie

It was then that I confessed
my sin to a priest
it was then that I saw
how this could cease

The doors started to open
the doors that could help
I read Neal Lozano’s book “Unbound”
and was being released from this hell

Little by little, one by one
‘they’ were going away in the Name of the Son

Oppressed by demons
that for years tortured my mind
It’s amazing that
I could still be gentle and kind

But responding pain for pain
just doesn’t work
because it’s not man
it’s the big “Jerk”

Thank you, St. Michael, and St. Joseph
who also make demons flee
with the authority
of Jesus, the one on the tree

Jesus my Savior and King
to you I owe my life, to you I will sing
Worthy is the Lamb who sits on the throne
who is mighty and valiant and has shown. . .

. . . me how to fight and step over the line
to not believe the lies the voices told
that right was wrong
and sin was gold

God encouraged me along the way
through scripture and through psalms
and taught me to trust in Him
without any qualms

To walk with blind faith
even if I could not see
what lies ahead
what lies before me

What a shaky feeling to trust like this
especially when ‘voices’ deceive
but trust in Him I must
because there was no one else you see

The love and tenderness
of his call in my heart
started to grow stronger
as each “one” did depart

With friends that I love
those beautiful souls
who believed in me
when I finally told

Everything that happened
the holy and the pain
of what Satan did
and that Jesus reigns

It was then that I saw
the light at the end
and with help from the saints
to Jesus we did send

Those evil spirits
that caused me much grief
and as they left in Jesus’ name
I felt peace beyond belief

I finally came to a place
where I can finally see
the road that will lead me
to eternity

Heaven bound
that’s for me
no more sinning
under the “apple” tree

So to speak of course
because I will not lie
I pray I will never commit mortal sin
because to do so I could die

An unending death
what hell was like for me
makes me turn more and more
to the one on the tree

Jesus: the way, the truth and the life
the only way to the Father. . . who unconditionally loves
speaking through the Holy Spirit
that beautiful dove

Speaking of His glory and His power
His breath and His might
with Him at my side
I will fight

Of God’s awesomeness
I wish you knew
the faith that grows
when you are true

Miracles abound every day
for those who trust in God — this I know
to walk in His ways
is the only way to go

It should be taught everywhere
to trust Gods plans
to see Heaven on earth
and see the footsteps on the sand

April 22, 2011