The Turtle

I look out from within
I am afraid of what I see
So I draw everything inside
And I wait with this hard shell over me

I peek out a little
Just an eye, and then two
To see if the coast is clear
And then, I am looking at you

Dear Lord, you caught me again
Peeking at you
Afraid of my shadow
And the love coming from you

How can this be
My life has been such a mess
But your love is prompting me
To get over the stress

Your love is enkindling
A fire in my heart
It’s getting too warm in here
That this love has to start

To get out of my shell
That has been my home
For ages and ages
A place without a phone

Without a way to share my thoughts
Without a way to share my dreams
Without a way to share this love
I am so happy now I could scream

How can this be
Now that I am out
The shell does not fit
It’s too small without a doubt

My heart has grown so big
That I have found
Peace with myself
Even when no one is around

Peace with you Lord
My Comforter Divine
And with all around me
I feel perfectly fine

Not a fear of love
Not a fear of you
Not a fear of being closer
It is true

You are the victorious one
In my life
Without a doubt
I want to give you my life

The time has come
To go where you lead
To be one with you
If you please

I don’t know what is in store for me
what lies ahead
But I am sure it’s better
Than the road I’m on instead

November 2, 2011