The Promise

And the cleansing began:  Exasperated by the sin in my heart and the desire to be free of it; also, exasperated by the world’s weak attempt to justify what it calls normal.  It is my call to repentance and a search for holiness. To know only God will suffice.


Lord, You promised if we come to You
You will make us clean and new
whiter than snow
even though our sins be as scarlet

We have been so horribly deceived
and convinced to believe
that You do not care or even exist

We believe what is perverse is a normal desire
we are so deep in muck and mire
so covered with sin
where do we begin to shed and rend our hearts

To peel away the layers of dirt,
and the loneliness and hurt
when we’ve searched to fill our hearts with what we thought we loved

Finally, here we stand bruised and tattered
ready to say, “yes, every act matters”
and that we want to learn,
especially to discern, the way of truth and grace

O’ Lord, help us begin to understand
that in order to take Your hand
we must be willing to know the truth through Your word

To be humble enough to change
and know that we must rearrange
our lives to mimic Yours
to see the many open doors

For, in holiness You are found
and that’s where miracles abound
every day for those who trust in You

O’ Gracious God, Holy Trinity blessed
who alone can give us rest
make us whole and a people whom You set apart
so we can start to forever more sing Your praise.

With You Holy One as our teacher and guide,
always at our side,
peace and love will reign.

October 15, 2009