The Hidden Pearl

To the valiant man who, after years of searching, released me from that which held me bound: I love you with an unconditional love. 


To search and search, but never find
The love that’s truly mine
The man who will dare to be
The courageous man who will calm the sea

Enough to find the hidden pearl
That lies beneath the waves and swirls
So precious is the love inside
That many have tried and died

True and wise, strong and firm
With the ability to discern
The snares and traps enemies hide
To find what lies deep beneath the tide

O valiant one, are you perplexed?
Can you see beyond what’s next?
No path is forged for you to see
Use your heart or it’ll never be

The gift that God provides. . .
The love and tenderness inside
Is meant for no average man

But only for the man who can understand
That the waves and swirls that others chide
Are the tools and clues to find what’s inside

O precious lover of my heart
These words to you do I impart
True love waits as a gift untold
You must be strong, you must be bold.

August 2009