The Gift

It happened the way it did
Because inside, I felt like a kid
Waiting for Love to find its way
Waiting for it to stay

And to my surprise and delight
It has stayed in my heart within my sight
As a love for myself that I never knew
A love that could have only come from you

It is a love that I needed to have
A love that I needed to know
A love that was true and everlasting
A love that no one else could show

That I could be worthy of love
You would have thought that this was nothing new
But you are mistaken
Because I didn’t know this was true

Inside was a women’s love waiting to come out
From behind the walls that were built of doubt
Built to hide the shame caused by oppression
So thick at times you’d have called it depression

This love I needed to feel
In order for me to heal
And mend my heart that evil tried to break so many times
But, God would not let him take this heart of mine

Having this need to share my love with God alone
Has brought me closer to His humble home
To the depths of my heart; pondering and contemplating
The richness of the gift of “waiting.”

June 7, 2011