The Biggest Hurdle

My cross, that of letting go of my desires, wrestles with my will
Tears come flooding down because I know in losing myself I will win
And in dying to self, eternity awaits, yet O how hard it is to let go

Holy Spirit lead me and teach me to understand the Father’s will
Encourage me to wait on the Lord for His perfect timing
To be patient waiting on my Lord even into the third watch of the night

Let the oil of faith burn brightly within my soul, knowing that He will not delay
Or go beyond what I can endure
For in letting go my eyes are fixed on You and in serving others

In letting go, I am giving You, Lord, control of my life
Not recklessly, but confidently knowing that as the Captain of the ship
You will guide me safely along my life’s journey

I give my life to You as a gift in exchange for Your sacrifice and passion on the cross,
Your endless love and mercy whose depths no one can truly comprehend
For I am just a speck of dust, smaller than a grain of sand who owes you my life

August 7, 2011