Tender Love

The memory of
rapes and abuse, anger and violence
by men who said “I love you”
keeps me at a distance

How can I give love
when deep wounds have opened again
With fear of rejection, fear of pain
Yet, fear of God keeps me sane

Miracles have happened
as I have seen with my own eyes
miracles from God that have made me cry

Of love and tenderness, I crave for more
even though it seems like a distant shore
You may not believe or even understand
How hard it is for me to really love a man

More than the desire, more than the trust
more than over coming lust
it would take a giant leap of faith
but trust God I must

Of God’s mercy, compassion and love
man’s love cannot compare
so to ‘love’ again I would have to dare

To risk being hurt in more ways than one
I can only pray for the protection of the Son
Jesus Christ my Savior and King

Tender love, I hope you can understand
why it is difficult for me
to trust just any man.

March 27, 2011