Tender Is

Tender is the moment I dream of today
when the love of my life sweeps me away
with the words I so long to hear
. . . I love you dear.

Tender is the moment when the two become one
when the love of my life has made me his under the sun
the commitment of a life time, for better or worse
to share love so deeply it will break the curse

Tender is the moment when we are in each other’s arms by ourselves
when we kiss so gently and with passion as if we thirsted for nothing else
when the love we longed to share was finally here
sharing tears of joy without any fear

Gentle is the touch of this warm embrace
holding each other, face to face
realizing this was overdue
knowing that this love is true

Holy is the union of the two
because the vows we made were true
accepted by God, The Almighty One,
the Holy Spirit and the Son.

Maybe this is only a dream of love that could be
Maybe this is not true and only wished to be
But I wait in hope for the love of my heart
for my Love that will never, ever depart.

August 16, 2010