With all the changes with technology and advancements, sometimes we need to be silent — to listen to nature.  To turn off the noise to really relax and do nothing but just listen, to find peace and tranquility.

In the quiet of our hearts we will find answers to questions that we have pondered.  We are able to contemplate on harmony.  We are able to center ourselves on the Holy Spirit in ourselves.  There is so much going on in our day to day activities that to quiet down with no music, no TV, no phones we find peace, harmony, joy and relaxation.

Let you mind wander and dream a little but try to keep it to a minimum.  Listen with your ears and your heart to the God in you.  Allow the sun and breeze to caress your face and feel natures gifts.

Time keeps moving not just in minutes, hours and days, but by nano-seconds and each nano-second is a blessed moment — a surprise, a gift.  Although we need to keep moving even a river has it’s moments of calmness.