Poetry is the spinning of words
into phrases that sometime rhyme
I say that poetry is a sort of reality
using words to shine

To take liberty to reflect on the moment
to enhance feelings and paint a canvas
like an artist who captures the essence of its subject
with each stroke of the brush laying the paint on thick

Ah, to be a Realist, or Impressionist, another Van Gogh
with a canvas of words to bring to the show
how can anyone not expect to see everything, o boy
because poetry tells truths and weaves a tale for others to enjoy

It is not meant to deceive or to ruin
its intent is to heal wounded hearts
to paint with words as on a canvas
my impressions is where I start

Nothing more nothing less
like buying a pretty dress
you may like this one or it may not be your color
so you seek and find another.

June 17, 2011