O’ Precious Love

To love a man that is confident and sure
To love a man who can understand and endure
The valleys and mountains that life sometimes brings
With the treasures and scars that can sing

The man; the head of the family
The husband who is the lead
It sounds a little old fashioned
But think of me as you please

I like a man with courage
I like a man who stands
As the captain of his household
And yet takes me by the hand

Is it too much to ask to allow the men to lead
Yet to love each other and understand their needs
It’s okay for women to be smart and strong
To be equally able to stand alone

But separate from one another, this was not meant to be
As Adam sung over Eve when she was conceived
From his side as part of him
To remain separate but one, to be his kin

O’ Precious Love, with you in mind
I write this poem, of God’s design
Of what you and I can be. . .
. . . a family.

August 9, 2010