Number Two

To the man (men) who don’t get it.


If the first poem didn’t work,
I’d say he’s a jerk
Because he doesn’t care
How others fare

It’s not your dime that you would lose
It’s the woman that will ultimately choose
To leave or to stay
Regardless of what he says

Because ultimately in the end
The message to be sent
Is that she is easy, but of course
She couldn’t resist the “force”

And “how could she?”
“Didn’t she know?”
“She’s not the first affair”
“Didn’t she care?”

Oh, she fully knows how it goes
Because a long time ago
Before he
There was someone else you see

That could not resist
That ultimate kiss
But let me tell you
A thing or two

She loved her job, but had to go
She’s not as tough as she sometimes shows
Her heart is not strong in the area of mean
And cannot just turn on and off feelings and dreams

Of what could be, oh yes, she knows
There is no hope, there is no show
Of affection allowed or any of that
Because “we” don’t exist…Cheshire cat

Now you see him, now you don’t
The smiles and games are just a smoke
For the ultimate reason to play the game
It’s fun to hide this shame

So, buddy boy, what can I say
She must be true to herself today
The answer is ‘no’, of that she’s sure
Because in the end this will be a cure

Not all women are the same
Not all women play the game
It hurts too much, because they have done that
And they are smarter that the Cheshire cat

Oh, yes, they know what pleasures can be had
And oh how in the end…it will only make them sad
The cost is too high for them to bare
Because in the end, they really do care

They just can’t turn on and off feelings and desires
To be satisfied with muck and mire
Because ultimately in the end
It’s their conscience that will be bend

The answer in ‘no’ to the question asked
They would rather be friends as in the past
Let’s forget and let this pass
Because ultimately, in the end…it’s her ……!

March 8, 2010