Number One

To the man (men) who want to play the field.


So it is with those who care
it seems so right, yet it’s so unfair
to feel the tension between
two unsuspecting human beings

The rise and fall of attraction
Over time wanes and waxes
Then it reaches a peak
When the two suddenly meet

And eye to eye they are faced
With the choice of roads to take
The higher one, that of control
The lesser one, to take that stroll

Let’s play both scenarios out
To see without a doubt
Where each can lead
And maybe plant a seed

To indulge in the well of sweetness
Where both are eager to please
But, we must state open door
That one is already spoken for

Yet the power of desire will draw them in
To ponder and to indulge in acts of sin
Sweet in the mouth and on the skin
But for the soul….where do I begin

He goes home to her and them
She dreams of if and when
But he always knows it can never be
Yet she waits for him stupidly

In the end there is hurt and pain
And a friendship lost and nothing gained
The sorrow and pain of tearful nights
The anguish and loneliness amidst joyful sights

It’s a dark place and a bitter end
No more lover, no more friend
So where to go, what to do
If placed with this situation on your shoes?

Walk away, forget he’s there
A woman waits home who really cares
A child’s eyes look up to him
Oh where do I begin

The higher road, the one of control
Sees that it’s a bitter end to the stroll
A road of indulgence for a time
Because there is little hope that he’ll be mine

Real and true love requires one to be
Free to marry for all eternity
There is something to be said
About keeping your head and staying the course
While acknowledging the source of closeness

Maybe it’s because they get along so well
Maybe it’s because they can tell
That they are good people from similar stock
With a friendship no one else can top

Why ruin something so good
Instead of saying they could
To overcome and resist
The bitter sweet taste of a kiss

Oh, what true friends they can be
If only they can see
That they can trust each other
Like a sister or a brother

To be who they are, without shame
Knowing neither will gain
If they open the door
To something more

So, let’s say in the end
They decide to stay friends
No more to ponder what could be
Because they both have eyes to see.

March 8, 2010