Milk and Honey

I am so used to being in the desert
I am so used to pain
That the promise land to me
Is a scary thing

Milk and honey in abundance?
Blessings galore?
It’s something I am not used to
It’s a little scary walking through this door

I can relate to the Israelites
Who turned it away
With thoughts of giants
At the end of the day

God’s blessings in abundance?
Does He really want me?
Can this be true?
I will wait and see

I don’t really want to turn it away
In my heart I know
That to go forward
Is the only way to go

Don’t look back
From where I have been
From the midst of rebellion
From the midst of sin

Take hold of the promise
That God is true
And that He wants to bless me
As only He could

To feel Love from anyone
Seems like a strange feeling
I was so deep in the desert
I flinch at this, like hitting a ceiling

To accept love from another
Is hard for me
Because my skin is so thick
From the lashes, like the one on the tree

Inflicted with hardships
Yet I overcame
The pain and the suffering
Now it’s time to reap the gain

The promises of God
The promises of love
The promise of forgiveness
The promises coming from above

To be at peace and to love
is a dream come true
But now that I have it
I don’t know what to do

It’s a strange land that I came upon
But I am willing to learn
To walk in the midst of giants
And to discern

The right way to go
The right way to be
Again I will look
To the one on the tree

October 25, 2011