Love of the Divine

When Reading the book: Story of a Soul — by St. Therese of Lisieux — I was captured by the chapter regarding her Christmas story. I never thought I would find something in that chapter to touch me, yet it made me cry remembering how God touched my heart as a child.

This is just an inkling of how God has touched my heart time and time again.


O’ Splendid Love of the Divine
Your call stirs my heart so immeasurably
Love so powerful and overwhelming
It touches my soul with an everlasting kiss

I feel the embrace of your love
Tender yet strong; caressing my heart
Tears of joy escape my eyes
Cascading down without shame

Love so innocent and pure
Love that is holy and sincere
Your love surpassing my understanding
Your love calling, calling me to you

Enter in and never leave my heart
Let this moment never end
Longing for the day I know you face to face
Longing for your warm embrace

However fleeting the touch of our hearts
It will never be forgotten
To draw on the fountain of this love again and again
Keeps me strong

To be yours for all eternity
To love you for all time
Please let this love never end
This love which is divine

It saddens my heart
To think how the enemy wants to snatch love away
To confuse and plant doubts
To lie and deceive

From not just me
But from all those who love you
The ones that feel your call
Deep within their hearts

Please Lord never let me be parted from you
Never let the evil one win
Let this test make me stronger
Never turn your face from me again.

March 23, 2011