Love is a Choice

Intimacy and love, much more than the physical, much more than the superficial
to reach down to the depths of the core, to see the real person
the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical all together

The sharing of dreams and hopes manifest an exchange of beliefs
hearing the other person almost for the first time and understanding why they think the way they do
seeing beyond the exterior to their inner most soul through their animated smiling eyes

To glimpse their inner beauty seeing them the way they are
without walls, without pretense, without hiding behind ‘safe’ faces
to be truly naked and vulnerable spiritually before another, by being present and alive

To share this gift with another calls for courage and trust
to be able to know another intimately from their heart would be an adventure that would take a life time
a lifetime of learning, a lifetime of giving of self, unreservedly, unconditionally, out of pure love for the other

As Jesus won victoriously from the cross out of pure unreserved, unconditional love
we also are called to be victorious when in and for love we give of ourselves to another
victoriously, courageously, valiantly, honestly, unashamed, unreserved, unconditionally

September 5, 2011