Lost & Found

Lost for a time
on the road of uncertainty
lost for a time
in a maze of ambiguity

Lost, but not forgotten
lost, but always searching
lost, looking for meaning
a purpose for this path

Everything has a reason
a time to grow, a season
by which God’s hands mold our hearts
forming us out of His clay

From dust we were formed
to dust we shall return
but never empty of the promises
of His love that we yearn

As I watch from a distance
the Master at work
as He molds and forms
my life with all its quirks

The ups and downs
of this roller coaster ride
causes my stomach to flinch
when I examine every inch of my insides

But from afar is a better view
because there is a melding of dreams and hopes that I never knew
that takes shape and has become
my new life which has begun

A new beginning found not by chance
found after searching as if in a dance
one step forward, two steps back, move to the left then to the right
with my Lord’s hand leading strong and tight

Can this life of mine turn out good
I know scripture says it could
Inspired by my Lord’s love to move and grow
a constant flux that shapes and flows

Like a river that is constantly running its course
time continues to smooth the rough edges of the source
the source of pain from a time, long ago
that is weary of this long, long road

Rejoice and be glad that Our Savior has won
this daughter who was lost but now is found
like the prodigal son coming home
embraced by his father’s love and is now unbound

How wonderful the feeling
to be the captive that was set free
by the Jesus who died on the cross
and offered His life for me

I cannot pay for any of this
freely He gave so I must give
O the debt that I owe him
who pulled me out of sin

June 17, 2011

Not found by chance, but on purpose by my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ