life can be

When I mess things up . . . which I do from time to time. When I fall into sin . . . when I don’t get what I want . . .


life can be
not what i want it to be
why do i strive for things i cannot have

i am so wrapped up
in what i want
that i don’t enjoy … it’s sad

mistakes made
opportunities lost
oh why don’t  i cry

it’s painful to think
of what could be
or hope for things too high

yet i cannot give up or give in
because to do so i would die

get up it’s not too late
to stand and say
i will try

for a step or two
of right moves
pushes me i know

to another achievement,
another “yes”
another “way-to-go”

i cannot believe
it was only yesterday
i was ready to say no

it shows that
with hope in a brighter day
and the wisdom that is known

that i can forgive myself
and find rest in God’s embrace
where i will find my home

for just thinking of Him
who died for my sins
i can change without a cost

to turn to Him
in times of need
in times when i am lost

how can He forgive me again
when i look the other way?

when i want to do as i please
regardless of what He says

if only i knew how much He longs
for the day i seek and find

the mercy He has for me
His mercy divine

O’ Lord help me again
to stand on the feet
that You gave to me today

the ones that try to run away
hoping to find answers
in my own way

O’ Lord, sometimes i forget to let You lead
that is true… i need you most of all…
because you are God

to brighten my heart and inspire me
with things that are holy and sincere
open my eyes and heart to those that are dear

to you and me and all mankind
for no one can truly know
how to love without seeking you
and seeing miracles grow

for you are the first and the last…
the one who is to come
to rescue us from our self because you are the Son

when on that day i see You face to face
I want to say thank you…You saved the human race

November 12, 2010