Let Go

Rise above that which is forbidden, don’t go down that road
Rise above the turmoil of this world, to heaven’s abode
Rise above the longings which taunt and chide
Rise above to soar like the eagles and see how angels fly

Let go of all that is not of God and fly to a place where few men see
Let go of the deceit and the slander and all that offends the one on the tree

Rise above the desires that weigh us down
Rise above our needs and our wants that bring us back to the ground
Rise above the world’s hell bent ways, get off the wide avenue
Rise above to peace and love and all that is true

Let a wholesome desire enkindle in our hearts the desire to be holy
Let a wholesome joy break forth from our center, a joy no one else can give

Rise above the waves and swirls of the water that can come crashing down
Rise above the death of sin and be free to break new ground
Rise above the quick sand that pulls our souls to the pit
Rise above to be truly free to where the saints and angels sit.

July 16, 2011
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel