Hold Onto Your Socks

Sickness and disease
Pray tell me please
Where do I begin?

Can it be, a gift . . . you will see
To open our eyes to the Trinity
God the Almighty, Holy Spirit and Son

A way to see life anew
Where life doesn’t revolve around you
but the ones you love

A joy to be had
A way to be glad
To offer up the pain

A redemptive dance
That you happen to have this chance
Is a miracle in itself

To know what really counts
Is every ounce
of love that we share

The opportunity to renew
The gift to you
Which is life in its fullest

If only we could see
beyond the misery
That God loves you beyond belief

To have asked to be
Like the one on the tree
Even if just for a time

Can be a life changing event for you and for me
That you will see
Will make the journey fine

So, hold onto your socks
I say sickness rocks
When we look at it this way

With eyes to see
That misery
is of no use to us here

Because you are loved
a gift from above
a tender soul, my dear

Live each day as if it was your last
And soon you will find
What really matters in life
Is the love that shines.

January 19, 2011