God’s Plan for Me

To love a man that puts God first
to love him as Jesus loves me
a holy companion
I will wait and see

I asked God to choose
because I have not done so great
in choosing for myself
For His choice, I will wait

I’ve heard it said
God’s ways are true
His plans for us
We cannot out do

I know there will be someone
A man that will be my match
A man that is courageous
He would be the best catch

If only he could see me
as I see him
with eyes of love
and not with sin

To be able to say “I love you”
without any fears
to be able to grow closer
and shed some tears

How amazing it would be
to be chosen a mate
one of God’s choosing
one I could date

I pray dear Father in heaven above
That the man you choose
Is the man I love
The man I don’t want to loose

He is handsome and loving
and tender no less
And he loves you more
If only Heavenly Father you say ‘yes’

It would be a dream come true
To love him as a friend
To love him as a spouse
To love him until the end

To live with laughter and with joy
To encourage and to fight
To praise you together
To love him with all my might

To strengthen each other
If either of us is down
to just hold hands
To know we would always be around

For better or for worse
In sickness and in health
‘Till death do us part
In famine and in wealth

To serve you and each other
as best we can
Could this be God the Almighty’s plan?

March 25, 2011
Feast of the Annunciation