God’s Grace

The debt, of forgiveness
The debt, to be set free
The debt, paid in full and ransomed
By Him who died on the tree

How awesome and deep the debt I owe him
The one who pulled me out of sin
Eternity in Heaven is an option that I thought I lost
Released from captivity without any cost

Just thinking of the possibility of spending eternity in Hell
Made me run to confession and my sins did I tell
Confession to a priest who represents Christ
Who can absolve you from sins as long as you are ready to give up that vice

Be honest now and tell every little sin
It is easier than you thought once you begin
Don’t hold anything back, just spill your guts
Because eternity is at stake and to be released you must

Then go and renounce that sin in your heart
Find a book on deliverance is where you start
“Unbound” is a book I highly recommend
It is within these pages that you will learn to send

That evil away who in Jesus’ name must depart
Through the steps taught in “Unbound” because it was Jesus who died for our hearts
The love that He carried for you upon the cross to the grave
Is love without end, I am still amazed

How different I feel now that I have been set free
It had been 30+ years as a captive to sin until Jesus met me
Where I was, on death row, a captive to lies
But He was not afraid to be by my side

To lift me up through unconditional love
To show me how to look higher to God above
To see potential, what I could become
To see the real me and who I was

A child of God, a child loved so dearly
A holy women who through new found joy can be cheery
Jesus is someone who would die and take my place
He saved me from my shame and disgrace

How I wish there was a way that I could repay Him
I guess there is….never turn my back on Him and do not sin
“Go in peace and sin no more,” is what the bible says
It is possible with God’s grace and a little effort thrown in

August 30, 2011