Fragrant Love

Like the buds of new flowers that grow slowly yet assuredly
The buds of chastity and true love, the gift of self through friendship, blossoms
To tend these flowers of self-mastery and the promise of immortality brings joy to my soul
To know the full fragrant blossoms of fidelity to God, a spiritual communion, warms my heart
I hold these gifts gently, but firmly, so as not to bruise their tender petals
So strong is my love for him who caresses my heart, the springs of love overflows to others
Like fragrant flowers I gather into my arms the gifts of love showering down upon me
I hold my Lord, my God, my Spouse, my Maker tenderly in my heart, never wanting to let go
Longing for the day to be content in His presence, face to face.

August 23, 2011