Faith, Hope, Love

Faith alone is something
grand to behold
it can move mountains
as in the stories of old

Yet alone it doesn’t hold the key
to the mystery
that life presents to us
there is more to it than the eye can see

Hope in the unseen and in the word of God
can build courage and trust
yet alone it is not enough
to save the world

Love for God and for fellow man
brings charity and empathy to our land
yet to love eternally
one must die to self and be like the one on the tree

Faith, Hope and Love — all three
are the virtues needed for these times
they are priceless gems
to be cultivated and made to shine

Together they are like
an unbreakable thread
when woven or sown together
we see a thread of gold instead

Don’t cultivate one without the other
Because together they will save our brothers
and sisters and mothers and sons
it is the work that needs to be done

For God so loved us
He sent His Son
so we can learn from Him
until our days are done

We must trust in His word
in the bible for sure
and read all His instructions
so we can endure

The tribulations that are
sure to come
but if we trust in Him
we will not be undone

We must teach others of His love
that He came for all, not just for some
Taking our sin to the cross
Because He is God’s Son

Jesus our Savior and King
it is you I adore, it is to you I sing
worthy is the lamb that was slain
who will come again and be named

King of kings and Lord of lords
the Lion of Judah, who we adore
whose love and mercy
I crave for more

Faith, Hope and Love
the power of these three
was shown to us so clearly
when Jesus died on the tree

We must walk with Faith
and Hope in God’s plan
and Love one another
until Peace fills the land

September 23, 2011