Come to the Well

Lord Jesus, embrace me with your love and tenderly kiss the tears from my eyes
Fill me with your grace until I am content to never leave your side
Let me stay within the protection of your arms, confident that you will never let me go

Let a pure love fill my heart until it radiates with expectant joy and peace
To feel this love, a foretaste of what peace and unity will be like, is amazing
Continue to hold me and feed me with your body, blood and love
Never let me be parted from you, never let me lose your love
How anyone would turn away from this love, I cannot comprehend
Your love kept me alive and hopeful even through the terrors of the night
Your love penetrates my being as peace rules my life
Your love nourishes my soul — over flowing with the waters of new life
Let me drink deeply of the waters of love that satisfies yet desires to be satisfied over and over again
Let me come to the well and be espoused to the one who gives freely the water of eternal life
O Divine Comforter, your words sink into and fill my soul like no other
Grant me understanding to comprehend all You have planned for me
Grant me wisdom to accept Your will, and authority, to lose myself and gain eternity
To think of any other way makes me shiver at being apart from you

August 5, 2011