Can this be

Can this be
that God would think of me
and heal my most hurt filled pain
without anything to gain

Thank you Father
for the gift of faith
that has allowed me to dream of this day
and has encouraged me along the way

To see the light at the end of the tunnel
When for years it was so black
To have hope from the stories of healing
that I heard at mass

Father, only you could have carried me this far
I would have given up, except for the star
At Bethlehem that led the wise men
to ultimately find your son

In a stable no less
as a baby, there to caress
the joy they must have felt
at the sight before their eyes

To see God’s wisdom
I’m sure they must have cried
to see with wonder and awe
how much you cared for us

To find you in the temple of my heart
after searching so long
encourages me to break out into song
to sing of my love for You all day long

To tell of your love
and your mercy and grace
for not only me
but for the whole human race

Lord, whatever your plans are for me
I will do
I owe you my life
this is true

So many times I could have died
but you were always at my side
to save me from the enemy; beast and foe
I don’t think anyone will ever know

Everything I went through
but because of you… it is all in the past
I am ready for the future,
will it get here fast

I am open to whatever you have planned, Lord
Just open the door
Your ways are perfect,
Of that I am sure

Whatever Your will is,
is for me
Because You reign for all eternity

O King of kings and Lord of lords
we await your arrival on this distant shore
when peace and love will flourish
as will plant and grain

Where the enemy will be no more
and love will gain
a hold in our hearts
where it will never ever end

Jesus, redeemer and king,
when will this begin?

February 1, 2011