Each and every soul on Earth
Has God’s call within their heart
A call that is here to stay
A call that won’t depart

As Jesus said, love one another as I have loved you
This is something very, very true
To love another even if we don’t see the end
Because love does not bend

It is steady as the love of God, faithful and true
Placing love of God above me and you
To walk this path with a steady pace
Because we await to see Jesus face to face

Why waste time trying to prove we are right
In the end it really doesn’t matter
What matters most is how we treat each other
Seeing the other as a Sister or a Brother

So be sure in the knowledge that God is with us even when we fall
Because the love He has for us is His call
To imitate Him in His mercy and compassion
To turn the other cheek and understand His passion

Forgiving the other, even if initially it’s not in our heart
Trying to forgive is the right way to start
Remembering we are all human and not divine
Remembering healing takes time.

June 16, 2011