Built to Last

Built on rock
Built to last
This soul of mine
Will stand the task

The skills I have
Have been honed for years
Tested and shaped
Through sweat and tears

Stripped naked of worldly things
So many times
My focus is on God
Knowing that only He shines

Because this is for His glory
This is for His name
That I stand
Only for His gain

These days may seem dark
That evil rules
That good people have no chance
But, I know God’s no fool

He will let evil run amuck
and think they have the upper hand
It’s when they think they have won
That they will lose their stand

It’s amazing to me
That evil can believe
That they will win
Because they are sorely deceived

We Christians are courageous
We fight in the name of Christ
We have God as our captain
Whose Heavenly army is our might!

February 17, 2012