Born Again

Turning away from sin
Were life begins
As if with a new slate
As if in a new state

With peace beyond belief
That could only have come from him
Through trusting Jesus, the one without sin

An automatic do-over
One would say as a child
That can un-do what we knew to be false
What life is when we don’t live in the truth

What an amazing opportunity
To be born again
The right way, His way

Because to stay in sin now
Would be to die to truth
And that is not where I want to go

The path that I follow
Through the narrow door
Will lead me, I know
To a beautiful place, because . . .

Lord I trust in You
And I believe in Your promises
No locked door will stop
The plans You have for me

You are my Hiding Place
You are my Peace
You are my Shepard
You are the King of Kings
You are the Lord of Lords
You are the Holy One of Israel
You are the Alpha and the Omega
You are the Beginning and the End
You are the Savior of the world
You are the Most High, Jesus Christ

I praise You and worship You
And await your return
When every knee will bend
And every tongue confess
That Jesus the Christ is Lord.

April 28, 2011