Angels of God

O Holy Angles of God
Who were created for the light
Defend virtue and love
And all that is right

Help us dear warrior Angels
Fight the good fight
Defeating evil in the world
With victory and might

Help us tear down the strongholds
Which have taken hold of men
the strongholds that capture and deceive
their hearts again and again

Don’t give up on us
For the enemy is fierce
The battle vicious
And our hearts pierced

Loved ones lost
Hopefully, just for a time
Help us bring them back
Because it’s a long hard climb

Lead us and guide us
O Holy Angels dear
In all we do
especially when we shed tears

Tears of sorrow
Tears of grief
Tears of joy
Tears of relief

O the holiness and splendor
Of your majestic presence
When with grateful hearts
We say thank you for your assistance

We love you holy Choir of Angels
We need you to
Help us in
All we say and do

I pray virtue and valor will grow
As we seek your help with our needs
Please don’t give up on us
For this I plead.

July 26, 2011