A Soul So Brave

Dedicated to my Uncle Louie “Guiso” Candelario.. May his soul rest in peace.

Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Bless this bed my Uncle lays upon
May his heart be filled with love
and with every blessing from above
While he slumbers, before he wakes
or when his soul you are to take
Watch over him and keep him safe
And bring him to the Golden Gate
Heaven’s doors where love is found
Where love and peace in abundance abound
Where saints have tread
and repentant sinners are fed
Where God’s mercy, compassion and delight
is in his humble heart once in His sight
O’ Lord accept with gentle hands this soul so brave
Who walks with courage to the grave
Confident that you will let him in
Because you died for his sins
Thank you Lord, whom we adore
When we heard you knocking at the door
Asking for him who will die tonight
A soul so precious in your sight.

January 19, 2011