A Burning Heart

As on the road to Emmaus
Jesus through his words, speaks to me
leaving my heart burning and on fire with love for thee

So deep do the flames touch my soul
that it penetrates the darkness that surrounds my heart
cleansing and purifying it so love could start

It leaves behind a vibrant heart ready to burst from the experience
Beating faster and more alive than ever before
Fully nourished from the truthful words opening the door

The words proclaiming God’s glory, God’s love, God’s might
Slowly revealing the Messiah, my Lord to my heart and mind
The one spoken of by the prophets, the one most adored and kind

Jesus, my Savior and King let your reign begin in me
Let your love find a home in my heart that will never leave
With doors fully open and my eyes ready to believe

Miracles abound where you have planted your seeds
The seeds for eternal life that are sprouting within our souls
In the midst of chaos like in the days of old

Let your light shine brightly through me
For it is the Kingdom of Heaven we seek here on Earth
The place where it started, the place of your birth

Shine brightly now dear Lord, I pray
Touch all those around me to answer your call
Help us get up, even if we fall

Let our voices be heard as we praise your name
Because now that you have touched our hearts
We will never be the same…
it’s were eternity starts

November 10, 2011