A Bruised Reed

Isaiah 42:3 “A bruised reed he shall not break, and a smoldering wick he shall not quench…”

Jesus, Messiah, our Savior and King, heal our brokenness
As the reed, bruised and hanging by a thread, we call out to You for help
Hear our cry and speak to the smoldering wick of our souls.

Satan has attempted to quench the fire of Your love and Your presence in our hearts
Inflame our hearts anew with Your love, mercy and compassion
Rescue us from his grasp and open our mute mouths and hearts to praise Your glory

You are here, right beside us
Waiting for us to turn to You, the lover of our hearts
With our pains, sins and guilt…to cleanse us and make us whole

Take our hands and deliver us from all that is not from you
With shaking legs, and unsteady feet we walk unsure of where to go
Blind eyed, and deaf to You because we are bombarded by the things of the world

Open our eyes and ears to see the beauty before us
The glorious path that leads us to You
The love that surpasses all understanding
The mercy and compassion that heals our brokenness

Help us to allow you to enter our hearts; the center of our being
For You are love, tenderness and peace
All confusions and bitterness is not from You

Guide us through the wilderness that we built around our hearts
The fortress we built to protect our vulnerability
Turn our stony hearts into flesh

For nothing is impossible for God, I know this is true
Hear our silent prayers, the ones so dear to us we cannot speak
For it is there You will meet our tender souls
Raw from the fight to not believe.

March 31, 2011